Process Control and Automation

This research line is aimed at the study of two-degree-of-freedom (2-DoF) control systems (with arbitrary structure) and on the robust tuning of PID controllers. The following topics are highlighted in this context: Tuning of PID controllers; Analysis and design of 2-DOF controllers; Design and tuning in cascade control configurations; Decentralized control designs for Two-Input Two-Output (TITO) systems; Feed-forward designs for disturbance rejection in uncertain systems; Design and evaluation of Human Machine Interaction systems. The objective of this research line is to obtain a methodological framework to deal with the different configurations and control problems arising in the process industry. It includes obtaining models and relevant information of the process to control. In this direction, self-tuning rules have to allow an automatic performance evaluation of the controller taking into account the inherent compromise between the necessary robustness level and the desired performance (robustness/performance trade-off).